Thursday, 18 November 2010

Excel 2007 – Useful Microsoft Office Shortcuts

The basic Microsoft Office document shortcuts

  • For a New Document – CTRL+N
  • To Open a Previously Saved Document – CTRL+O
  • To Print your Document / Open the Print Settings – CTRL+P
  • To Save your Document – CTRL+S
  • To Close your Document – CTRL+W

Text Adjustments to your Documents

  • Cut the Highlighted text – CTRL+X
  • Copy the Highlighted text – CTRL+C
  • Paste the Highlighted text – CTRL+V
  • Select All the Text in the Document – CTRL+A

Change the Highlighted Text to your set Normal Font Style – CTRL+SHIFT+N

  • To Change the Font – CTRL+D
  • To Insert a Hyperlink – CTRL+K
  • To make the Text Bold – CTRL+B
  • To make the Text Italic – CTRL+I
  • To Underline the Text – CTRL+U
  • To Justify the Paragraph – CTRL+J
  • To Left Align the Text – CTRL+L
  • To Right Align the Text – CTRL+R
  • To Centre the Text – CTRL+E

For the minor mistakes that creep into your Document

  • To Find something in your Document – CTRL+F
  • To Undo – CTRL+Z
  • To check your Spelling and Grammar – F7
  • To use the Thesaurus – Shift+F7

And if anything goes wrong you can always use

  • Help – F1
Quick Zoom, assuming you are using a computer with a mouse and it has a wheel, then you can quickly and easily zoom in and out of a document.
  • To Zoom In – CTRL+Scroll up
  • To Zoom Out – CTRL+Scroll Down

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Website Design and Development

Hello again, it’s been a while since the last blog post so I thought it a good idea to show you what we’d been up to.

We’ve been working on a couple of websites, hope you like our work.


Some of the above are still a work in progress, but we hope they show a few options from the range of styles we have to offer.