Wednesday, 21 July 2010

[SetupFunctionIDs] [PickPlatform]...?

A company I work for has recently upgrade from MS Office 97 to MS Office 2003.  Yes, I’m aware that even with this upgrade they’ve still moved to a package which Microsoft withdrew support for in 2009.

Anyways, since the upgrade a few of the more advanced users have noticed that every time they open the VBE (Visual Basic Editor) some code is already present in the Immediate Window:

[auto_open] <
[SetupFunctionIDs] <
[SetupFunctionIDs] >
[PickPlatform] <
[PickPlatform] >
[VerifyOpen] <
[VerifyOpen] > 1
[RegisterFunctionIDs] <
[RegisterFunctionIDs] >
[auto_open] >

I had to do a little searching to remind myself about this and came across a thread on the MrExcel message boards.  The general gist is that it appears if you are using the

(atpvbaen.xla) add-in.  It appears that it is a Microsoft error, apparently it was part of their debugging method to see which routines were running and which weren't (< means starting the sub, and the > means exiting it).

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