Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Using VBA Speech

With April Fools day approaching (well, four weeks) I though I’d post a couple of amusing VBA tricks and jokes you could use.  The first is using the speech and the CD trey.  The code below can be copied straight into a VBA code module.

Declare Sub mciSendStringA Lib "winmm.dll" (ByVal lpstrCommand As String, _
ByVal lpstrReturnString As Any, ByVal uReturnLength As Long, _
ByVal hwndCallback As Long)

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    UseSpeech "The Mouse is hungry."
    UseSpeech "Please add cheese."
End Sub

Private Sub OpenCDTray()
    mciSendStringA "Set CDAudio Door Open", 0&, 0, 0
End Sub

Private Sub UseSpeech(stringToSpeak As String)
    Range("A1").Value = stringToSpeak
    Application.CommandBars("Text To Speech").Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub CloseCDTray()
    mciSendStringA "Set CDAudio Door Closed", 0&, 0, 0
End Sub

This does require the PC to have speakers.

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