Thursday, 29 March 2012

Screenshots in Excel

This is quite a useful tip.

You probably already know how to include an entire screen shot within your Excel worksheet (Press “PrintScreen” and paste the screen shot where you want it with Ctrl+V or ‘Paste’). However, if you only want to show a selected region like a small part of the screen in your spreadsheet, try this:

To Copy:
Select the area you wish to copy from your Excel worksheet
If you have Excel 2007, go to “Paste”, then “As Picture”, then “Copy as Picture”
If you have Excel 2010, go to the “Copy” link and click “Copy as Picture”

To Paste:
Ctrl+V or ‘Paste’

Once the ‘image’ is placed within your workbook, you’ll be able to move it and resize it in the same way as you can any other graphic.

If you are copying text/data from the worksheet; When copy/creating the image, after selecting “Paste”->”Copy as Picture” a pop-up will appear (below):


Selecting “As shown on screen” will copy the gridlines as well as the text/data.  Selecting “As shown when printed” will not.

(Remember that adding graphics to the worksheet will increase the size of the file in which the workbook is saved.)

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