Monday, 30 April 2012

Compile Error: "Object Library Invalid..." an UPDATE

I've recently had a reason to go back to this post in June 2011. The article is about EXD files, EXD files cache ActiveX component information making Excel run ever so slightly faster when using them. Problems arise if you upgrade a single Office application which updates background DLLs. If the component changes without removing the EXD file (which is created when the component is first used), then the system will be out of sync.
The office are preparing for an Outlook 2010 upgrade, a few test users started receiving the following error message:
Compile Error: 'Object Library Invalid...'

So, referring back to my previous article we fixed the fault on all of the machines.  But... one thing I noticed, which wasn't mentioned in the original article is that you must ensure you have no open instances of Excel when you run the command.  If Excel is open the EXDs will be "in use" and the machine will be unable to delete them.

As a refresher...
To delete the EXD files go to command prompt and type the following DOS commands:
  • > CD \Document and Settings
  • > DEL /S /A:H /A:-H *.EXD
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